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Welcome to this great site of mine, I'm currently updating it more now, since we got cable. So I'll finish up here thanks bye!

About myself:
I'm John, and well, I'm a person, that lives in a house and sleeps in a bad and has a job to go to everyday, I play piano and I sing, I also play the violin,("Which I'm very passionate about) and I work with old people.

I hope that wets your appetite. Good day!!

The Picture Above

This is a photo manipulation of 3 cats, I used Adobe Elements to do this effect, I hope you like it!

Welcome To My Home Page

Not really much yet, I will have a bunch soon. email me if you want to know about the updates and to keep informed about whats new here and there.


Celtic Drawing: By Johnathan Soltis (Me)

I drew this one night feeling so confused, get my picture?

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